Picture of man with beard and long hair wearing grey shirt, smiling in front of tropical foliage

Hi, my name is Tristam. I'm originally British-Caribbean-American but these days I'm living in Galicia, in the northwest of Spain. I emigrated here from Seattle, where I used to work in BigTech. I'm enjoying the slower pace of life here, and once Covid subsides, I'll be working on restoring an old farmhouse and learning the ins and outs of permaculture.

For the last couple of years I worked on the operating system for the Oculus Go and Quest headsets, and helped found the Oculus for Business program, making Oculus VR headsets available to Enterprise customers. Before that I worked at Amazon, first on the OS and graphics engine for the ill-fated Fire Phone, and then launching and scaling up AWS' Internet of Things platform. In my university days I obtained a Masters degree in Computer Science, plus a Bachelors in Philosophy, at a little liberal arts college in downtown Boston (where I also moonlit as a sysadmin).

In my spare time I'm a graphics programmer, a fierce #rustlang evangelist, and a small-scale philanthropist.